Berritrans kick-off event

The BERRITRANS project took off on 18th January 2001, with the first meeting of the consortium comprising the same. Its aim is to improve railway transport management to achieve a safer, more secure, efficient and sustainable mode, i.e. more competitive and attractive against land transport along the support line of co-modality, directly driven by current European policies.

Land transport, particularly good, means a high cost in lives at present; in environmental degradation motivated by both energy consumptions as well as in the construction and maintenance of infrastructures. The railway is an efficient alternative, sustainable and safe, which nevertheless, suffers from management systems, which although not obsolete are out-of-date, and are by no means making use the of the potential of new technologies, which they can contribute to improve in this way.

Thus the BERRITRANS project will be a New Generation Multimodal Railway Transport Control Centre for Efficient, Safe, Sustainable Maintenance and Operation”, set within the transport framework ambit and particularly in the strategic area of electronics for intelligent transport. The BERRITRANS project will materialize in a series of products which will configure this integrated control centre capable of responding to the demands of different transport means, complying with the requirements of safety, confidence, availability, performance, stability, versatility, automation of operations; yet likewise open to the integration of different means of transport. The project will be carried out observing the principles of sustainability and efficacy, aiming to convert the concept of co-modality (efficient sustainable multimodality) into a reality.

BERRITRANS is a 3 year project with a budget of approximately 7 million euros and support of 1.5 million euros financed by SPRI, the Basque Government business development agency.

This project consortium is led by Ikusi; with the participation of: Idom, LKS, uSysCOm, Fensom System, SQS, CBT and the Basque Mobility and Logistics cluster; the Basque network of science, technology and invention centres, University of Deusto, Tecnalia, Vicomtech, Innovalia and ZiV; and the collaboration of Bombardier, Renfe Mercancías, and Gipuzkoa Land Transport Authority.

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